So, you love football and don’t want to miss out on anything important from the world of your favorite sport? Today, this is easy. All live football today is presented on the sports statistics website. It covers both major tournaments and local competitions in detail. For example, it was possible to follow Euro 2020 on the site quite recently, and this championship will definitely go down in history.

As for the pleasant discoveries of this tournament, the Czech team should definitely be noted among the first. It managed to get to the quarterfinals of the tournament, where it lost to Denmark with a lot of struggles.

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At this Euro championship, the Czechs managed to succeed in an extremely difficult group, with the British, Scottish and Croatian teams as rivals. And they left no chances for the vibrant Netherlands national team in the playoffs. Therefore, such a performance will definitely remain in the memory of their fans, and it will have only positive evaluations.

Current Euro 2020 squads

The Czech team has important matches ahead of it for qualifying for the 2022 World Cup. You can follow them on the sports statistics website, where you can also view Euro 2020 squads. Many fans often revisit the games and remember the best moments, as well as the players.

The performance of the Czech Republic at the continental forum was successful due to many factors, such as:

  1. Great teamwork of the players. It is obvious that they understand each other well. The Czechs have always looked solid and almost never made mistakes.
  2. Great performances of individual players. Here, Schick is the most notable, as he managed to score 5 times in the tournament. And his goal against the Scottish national team will be included in the lists of the most beautiful ones in the history of European championships for a long time. Souček, Vaclik and many other players were great too.
  3. Successful decisions of the mentor. It is obvious that he has authority in the team and his decisions are executed without questions.

If you look at the squads of the team at Euro 2020, you will notice that there are a lot of young players there. Therefore, it is likely that the Czech team will show their best and be able to please their fans in the upcoming major tournaments. It is easy to keep track of all their performances on the sports statistics website, where you will find only verified data.