Liga MX clubs have noticeable domination over MLS teams

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In October 2021, the Mexican club Monterrey beat Club America, another Mexican Club, to win the CONCAFAC Champions League. It was Monterrey’s fifth Champions League title in their history. They previously won it in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2019. The fifth title also helped them to qualify for the FIFA Club World Cup. Liga MX betting is much better in the Champions League when compared to MLS.

Club America was the favourite to win the title as they have previously won it seven times. They hold the record of winning the most titles in the history of the CONCAFAC Champions League. The last time they won it was in 2016. When they faced Monterrey this season, they had a unique record. They have not lost in any of the Champions League finals. They were hoping to continue that streak. But Monterrey shocked them and broke that unique record of Club America. Monterrey retained the title after losing it in 2020.

CONCAFAC Champions League is an annual knockout tournament organised by CONCAFAC. Sixteen teams participate in the tournament. There are four clubs from Mexico, four from the USA and one from Canada. The other teams that qualify for the Champions League are from other different leagues which comes under CONCAFAC.

The Mexican Clubs have entirely dominated this tournament since its inception. No other country was not able to dominate the tournament as Mexico did. They have won it consecutively in the last ten years. The tournament has been restructured three times previously. It was known as the Champions Cup from 1962 to 2008. From 2008 to 2017, it was called as Champions League, in which the final was played in two legs.

In 2018, CONCAFAC decided to restructure the tournament again by scrapping up the two-leg final and adding more teams to the tournament to make it more competitive. As mentioned earlier, Club America holds the record with seven titles. The second most successful club is Cruz Azul. They won it six times in their history. The supremacy of Mexican clubs is evident by the number of titles they have won.

After Monterrey won the title in 2021, Mexican clubs’ total number of titles are now at 36. No other country is nowhere near Mexico to win the titles. Another record the Mexican clubs hold is that only they have been able to defend the title. Four clubs from Mexico have done it in the past. Those clubs are: Club America, Cruz Azul, Monterrey and Pachuca.

We have only seen three clubs other than Mexico’s in the finals in the last ten years. But in all those finals. Mexican clubs have been the winners. The organisers plan to increase the number of teams from 2024 onwards. The Mexican clubs hope to dominate the tournament even when the format is changed.

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