What Is Next For Leo Messi After The Copa America Title?


It was a moment 28 years in the making, but for someone like Lionel Messi, who led Argentina to finally winning their first big tournament title win since 1993, it felt like a lifetime. Ask any fan who likes to bet on soccer about Lio Messi and they might tell you without a shadow of a doubt that he is by far and wide the best player to ever grace the field. Better than Pelé, Maradona, Cruyff, Zidane, Ronaldo and CR7, there’s only one Messi and he stands above all other players when it comes to who reigns supreme as the best to ever do it.

Messi had already won every single title and award that any player could aspire for playing professionally for his club FC Barcelona. Yet the fact that he had never led his national team to glory, staying right at the edge of it in four different occasions including Copa America and World Cup finals was always a fact that haunted his already glorified legend status. But now that Lio and Argentina have finally done it, what’s next for Messi?

Should He Resign With FC Barcelona?

While most all soccer fans around the world had their plates full with action coming from the two most important continental national team tournaments, the Copa America and the Euro, another very important, interesting and somewhat unbelievable piece of news made headlines. Lionel Messi, who since breaking out into professional soccer has played for Spanish giants FC Barcelona, had become for the first time in his career, a free agent, meaning he was no longer tied contractually to Barcelona and could very well go play somewhere else if he desired.

Taking into account that we’re talking about a player who is a 10-time La Liga Championship winner, four-time UEFA Champions League winner, six-time Ballon d’Or winner and six-time golden boot winner in Europe, we can all agree that absolutely any and every soccer team in the world would benefit from having him around. Yet, a player of Messi’s caliber is one that a handful of clubs at best could try and host. Parisian giants PSG and Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City look as the two best options for Messi to go to if he decides to leave Barcelona for good, but is Barcelona ready to see him leave?

FC Barcelona has been jumping through all sorts of hoops trying to get his most famous star ever to stay with them, ever after knowing that Lio willingly wanted to leave since last season. They have gone out and gotten Messi’s best friend from the Argentinian squad, Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero to join in an effort to lure Messi to stay, but as of right now, it’s not really causing any effects. Barcelona are also in the middle of a very strong financial crisis that could see them potentially not be able to offer Lio the money he deserves without breaking the financial fair play rules that all teams in Europe abide by. In a perfect world, yes, Messi would finish out his illustrious career at Camp Nou and ride off into the sunset as the best to ever do it, but a change of airs and scenery never hurt anybody.

Copa America, Done! Qatar 2022, Next Title Up For Grabs?

Argentina’s win over Brazil to take the 2020 Copa America, in Brazil, really hosts a bigger importance than many fans give it to have. Messi’s career and legacy had always been put in a kind of hold because of that one piece of gold and silver that was missing, an international title with Argentina. For what it’s worth nobody can ever deny the fact that Messi has put in his fair amount of work, day in and day out to try and help Argentina get passed that hurdle that always came back to haunt them. 

At times it felt like Argentina had somehow created a special talent to lose in the biggest stages around and the blame would always come back to Lio. But now, times have changed and a new horizon has been found by Lio and Argentina. Winning the Copa America title might have been exactly what the doctor prescribed for this team to finally start believing in themselves, like how Maradona’s team did in 1986. While thinking about Qatar 2022 is still a bit out of range given how long until it goes down, Argentina will finally be able to walk into another major tournament knowing what it’s like to make it to a finals match and leave as a winner.

Yes, teams like Euro champions Italy, England, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia and others will surely be there all trying their best to go for the biggest title in soccer, the FIFA World Cup title but one can’t help but wonder what if? What if Lio has one more heroic ride in him with Argentina, leading them to win the Qatar 2022 World Cup? After seeing him raise the Copa America title, it is not farfetched to believe that anything can happen, especially after waiting so long.

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